Egg White Acne Treatment

Despite the advancement of modern cosmetic technology, the natural methods still prove to be the best approach for curing acne problems. The best thing about homemade remedies against acne is that you will mostly find the ingredients you need right at your own kitchen, so there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on products that don’t work or cause more damage to your skin. One such treatment approach is egg white acne treatment. To learn more about how you can use this natural product in ending your battle with acne, read on.

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Egg White For Acne


The use of egg white to tighten up pores and clear up acne is the recent trend in acne treatment industry. Although there is lack of scientific evidence that would point to the ability of egg whites to provide skin care benefits, it has been widely recognized and many users have proven its ability to work. And knowing that it is an inexpensive approach to treatment, many are now considering this as a valid option for acne treatment.


In fact, it is known to work best for combination treatments such as using it with either honey or oatmeal for enhanced results. The idea of using egg white for acne treatment is basically to minimize exposure of skin against harmful chemicals that cause more damage to the skin instead of treating them.


Making Your Own Egg White Facial Mask


To prepare your own facial mask for your egg white acne treatment, you must first obtain the following ingredients for this recipe: eggs, water, moisturizer, essential oils for the skin, lemon juice, mixer, bowl, and 2 clean towels. Start the procedure by cracking the egg and separating the white from the yolk. Place only the egg white into the bowl you have prepared.


Then, use the blender to mix the egg white completely until they turn into a foam consistency. You can then opt to add in essential oils like witch hazel or cocoa butter into the egg white foam. At this point, you must pour in the lemon juice into the mixture to complete your facial mask recipe for the egg white acne treatment.




To use this egg white mixture to cure acne without causing harsh effects on your skin, start off by splashing your face with warm water one time. Use the clean towel to pay your face dry. After that you can simply apply the facial mask foam directly on your face or certain areas of your skin affected with blemishes. Use your two fingers to effectively but gently cover the area of your skin with an egg white acne treatment mask.

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Leave the mask on for at least 15 minutes while you relax. After that time period, you can rinse your face off using warm water. Make sure to rinse thoroughly and remove any residue of the paste on your face. You can opt to apply a water based moisturizer on your skin following your egg white acne treatment for better results.

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