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lemon juice acne cure

The natural treatment for acne has been preferred by patients and health experts alike. Not only has it been proven to be more effective, it also prevents the acne sufferer from worsening the problem or experiencing more serious side effects. Whether it is acne scar or inflammation on the surface of the skin that one is trying to treat, natural methods will surely prove effective.

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One such treatment is herbal tea acne treatment that utilizes the natural healing properties of organic herbs. It falls under the herbal treatment option available for acne victims, which is no longer quite new. Several natural treatments have shown relevant results as compared to synthetic products that leave side effects.

The key to benefiting from an herbal tea acne treatment is in choosing the herb you are going to use for preparing your herbal tea mixture. Some of the highly suggested herbal teas include aloe vera, tea tree oil, and green tea. Studies have show that these three are among the top choices of herbs to produce herbal tea acne treatment that produces effective results.

Extracts from the aloe vera plant contain natural substances that help in diminishing the presence of acne and the more stubborn scars it leaves behind. Tea tree oil is another excellent natural substance to make tea against acne, which has been utilized by the Aboriginals in its native Australia for making tea throughout ancient history. Its effects are recognized to be as effective as using products containing salicylic acid.

lemon juice acne cure

Lastly, green tea is not uncommon when it comes to herbal tea acne treatment. Studies have indicated that it contains benzoyl peroxide, which is an effective chemical antidote against acne. Some of its effects when drank as a tea are reduced skin inflammation, removal of acne scars, reduced hormonal activity (for acne caused by hormonal imbalances), and detoxifying action for internal cleansing to prevent acne in the future.

You can also prepare your own herbal tea acne treatment mixture at home using various natural ingredients. One mixture you could try contains an ounce each of Turkey corn, Thuja, Figwort, Yellow dock, and Echinacea, combined with half an ounce each of Iris versicolor and Arcticum lappa. Another powerful herbal tea acne mixture you can try contains the following herbs: dandelion, valerian, ivy, purslane, wild strawberry leaves, burdock, echinacea, goldenseal, marshmallow root, watercress, and yarrow root. The combination of healing essences from these herbs creates a powerful fighting action against acne and its symptoms. To get the best results, drink this herbal tea 2-3 times daily.

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